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MORAL HAZARD, a regular column on the Nishma website, looks at Halachic issues from an economic mindset. Behind the pragmatics of economics is the scientific process of economics, and it stems from a unique outlook on society and decision-making, providing an effective language for investigations into Halacha.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Safe Side: The Role of Risk Aversion in Torah Observance

Available on the Nishma website.

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  1. I am patiently looking forward to the next installments of Moral Hazard. The topic you are broaching is one that has struck me as curious for many years and I will be indebted to your learning.

    Your sentiments are in line with Ramchal’s, as he writes in his Mesillas Yesharim that “practitioners of [an] artificial form of saintliness… [do not weary themselves] to know the way of God with clear, rational knowledge, [but instead] they proceed in saintliness on the basis of what upon first though happens to strike them as being saintly, without submitting their ideas to an examination in dept and weighing them upon the scales of wisdom” (215).

    I hope that the next installments of Moral Hazard are able to reach many people in order to confront this “artificial form of saintliness” and its negative results that afflict our community.